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July 24, 2018

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  1. Natural Heritage System Official Plan amendment
  2. Town to consider how to reduce the use of plastic bags
  3. Concern over Orangeville's Plans for a low-rise apartment
  1. Dog Kennel to go ahead
  2. 10 & 10 Garden Centre expanding
  3. Fire Services Fees Updated
Natural Heritage System Map

Natural Heritage System Official Plan amendment

Once adopted into the Town's Official Plan, any future application for development will consider the impact it would have on the Town's natural heritage. The Natural Heritage System does not place any limits on agricultural uses of land provided a buffer is maintained from identified natural heritage features. Development applications already approved can maintain the staked and surveyed limits of the proposed development, including buffers, that were approved prior to this official plan amendment.The chair of the Natural Heritage Steering Committee, John Riley, provided a detailed review of the Town's new Natural Heritage System. The Natural Heritage System and its associated mapping will be adopted into the Town's Official Plan as Official Plan Amendment (OPA) # 41. Mandated by provincial policy to consider natural heritage in all development applications, the Town undertook an extensive review of the natural heritage features including waterways, wetlands, significant woodlands, and areas of natural & scientific interest.

As noted by CAO Mark Early during the public meeting, this Natural Heritage System mapping provides a wealth of valuable information to landowners about their property.

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Town to consider how to reduce the use of plastic bags

Plastic Bags Litter the landscape, kill animals, and are non-biodegradable

Following a presentation on the environmental harm of single-use plastics, particularly plastic bags at store checkouts, Climate Change Action Dufferin-Caledon asked Council to take a leadership role in Dufferin by advocating to limit their use. Tom Purdue spoke about the environmental risk, noting that each of us use about 200 single-use plastic bags each year on average and the bulk of them end up either littering the landscape, in landfill or make their way into the ocean. In the world's oceans they break down into small pieces where they retain toxins and other pollutants and can be ingested by sea life; causing extensive environmental damage. Trish Keachie discussed a bylaw recently passed by Victoria, B.C. citing it as a good example of how a municipality can effect positive change. Victoria restricts retailers from providing single-use plastic bags to their customers free of charge in an effort to encourage people to use re-useable bags.

Council was supportive of the concept and directed staff to investigate the feasibility of a similar bylaw and, recognizing the importance of public education, directed staff to prepare a communications plan to help educate Mono residents on the harm caused by single-use plastics.

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Plastic Bags Litter the landscape, kill animals, and are non-biodegradable

Concern over Orangeville's Plans for a low-rise apartment

Orangeville Highlands Limited is proposing to develop the vacant land behind the Orangeville Mall, between Hansen Bvld. to the south and Starrview Crescent in Mono to the north. The development would consist of about 623 units, a mix of apartments and townhouses. The original application to the Town of Orangeville was made in 2011 and recently was appealed by the developer to the Ontario Municipal Board. Director of Planning David Trotman noted that the application falls within the density allowed by Orangeville's Official Plan (between 75 and 99 units per net hectare), albeit on the high side of the allowable range at an overall proposed density of 97 units per hectare.

Mono resident Karen Morrison, representing a group of concerned residents living in the Starrview subdivision, expressed concern regarding traffic, flood mitigation, source water protection and potential impact on municipal water supplies. Deputy Mayor McGhee also questioned the impact the development could have on the water level of Island Lake as the land drains into Island Lake by way of Monora Creek. Staff will prepare a draft comment letter for Council's August meeting. Orangeville Council has scheduled a public meeting on September 10th at the Tony Rose Arena to consider the proposal. Planning Report - Orangeville Highland Limited / Brucedale Investments Inc. Development

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Dog Kennel to go ahead

Council approved a site plan agreement for the Class 2 Dog Kennel to be built on Mono-Adjala Townline, between 15 and 20 Sideroads. Council had denied the kennel application last year; however, subject to a settlement agreement at the Ontario Municipal Board, the application could proceed pending a site plan agreement. The Kennel shall consist of 5 separate buildings each approximately 10' by 10' with the kennel limited to no more than 10 dogs, of which only 3 dogs are permitted to be outdoors at anytime. The owners of the property and operators of the kennel, Delia Teixeira & Jason Phillips, noted that they will be employing animal waste management practices that include collecting fecal matter for recycling by a vendor that specializes in this service.

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10 & 10 Garden Centre expanding

Jasbir Kooner, the proprietor of 10 & 10 Garden Centre, received approval for a site plan agreement allowing an expansion of the business on Hwy 10. The agreement allows for eight new permanent polycarbonate panel greenhouses.

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Fire Services Fees Updated

Council approved updating the fees charged in instances where the Town is able to recoup the cost of fire fighting services. The fees reflect the costs charged to the Town for these services by the four fire departments that service Mono: Orangeville, Shelburne, Rosemont & Caledon Fire Departments. False alarm, inspections & fire prevention fees were also updated.

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The next Council Meeting is scheduled for August 24th, 2018 at 9 a.m.

Agendas and minutes for all council and committee meetings can be found on the Town's
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