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Council Highlights
September 25, 2018

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In this issue

  1. Parkland Needs Study
  2. Airport Road Signage
  3. Annual OPP Report
  1. Dufferin Paramedic Service
  2. Dufferin County Proposes Change to Tax Ratio for Farms
  3. 2019 Budget

Parkland Needs Study

The Recreation Advisory Committee recommended that the Town have a site plan prepared to assess the feasibility of building tennis courts, a splash pad, fitness trail & picnic area at Island Lake Park. Resident Bob McCrea asked if Council was willing to only receive the Resolution of Advice from the Recreation Advisory Committee, leaving any decisions until after the upcoming municipal election? Resident Mike Soden asked how much money was available to be spent on developing recreation facilities for the Island Lake subdivision?

Parkland Needs Study

 CAO Mark Early reported that approximately $600,000 had been contributed through development charges for both the Island Lake and Brookfield subdivisions of which $150,000 has been spent. Mr. Soden stated he felt that the park was sorely lacking in facilities and that the Town should add to them sooner than later. Mr. Early suggested that if Council wished to expedite building new facilities, the Town's engineer could prepare concept plans by year's end. Council directed staff to have the Town's engineer prepare concept site plans for improved recreation facilities at both Island Lake Park and Mono Centre Park. Council further directed that a community consultation process, to review the engineer’s conceptual designs, would get underway early in the new year.

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Airport Road Signage

Resident Brenda Bot said she was distressed that the traffic fatalities/speeding fines sign on Airport Road, north of Hwy 9, had been replaced by Dufferin County with a portable electronic sign. Mayor Ryan reported that Council, as recommended by Mono Police Services Board, will petition the County to replace the portable roadside sign with a new permanent sign with messaging to be agreed upon by the Mono Community Policing Committee and the County. Council would like to see the current portable sign kept and used to provide driving condition updates to motorists. The OPP would determine what messages would be shown on this sign. Council is also recommending that the County install additional, oversized, speed limit signs along portions of Airport Road.

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Annual OPP Report

Detective Constable Clancey McGuire provided Council with Dufferin OPP's annual report on policing in Mono. He reported that their  Enhanced Traffic Enforcement Officer, Constable Matkowski, has been very effective in catching traffic violators. DC McGuire said that the OPP have also conducted targeted traffic enforcement patrols utilizing resources from the Central Region Traffic Team including aircraft.

Table: Statistics from Enhanced Enforcement Officer for the Town of Mono, 2018 year to date

Table: Statistics from Enhanced Enforcement Officer for the Town of Mono, 2018 year to date.

He also spoke to the commendable efforts of residents of the Fieldstone subdivision in forming a Neighbourhood Watch program with the assistance of Constable Nancekivell in response to a number of break & enters in that community. He reported that the OPP continues to investigate these crimes.

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Dufferin Paramedic Service

Dufferin Paramedic Service Chief Tom Reid explained the nature of the tiered response agreement between the ambulance service and fire departments in Dufferin County. The agreement has the fire department automatically responding, in addition to paramedics, for life threatening medical calls. When the fire department attends medical calls is partially determined by whether they are full time or part time volunteers.

The Fire Department automatically responds to medical calls when:

Cat B (Volunteer Fire Department)
Cat A (Full Time Fire Department)
  • Vital Signs Absent/  Cardiac Arrest
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions 
  • Farm and Industrial Accidents
  • Delayed Ambulance** (20 minutes)
  • Vital Signs Absent/ Cardiac Arrest
  • Chest Pain / Heart Problem
  • Choking
  • Unconscious
  • Breathing Problems – Code 4 only
  • Trauma – Penetrating/ Wound
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions 
  • Farm and Industrial Accidents
** When ambulance delayed 20 minutes fire department will respond for:
  • Chest Pain / Heart Problem
  • Choking
  • Unconscious
  • Breathing Problems – Code 4 only
  • Trauma – Penetrating/ Wound
  • Allergy Reaction

This is pertinent as the Orangeville Fire Department recently changed from full time during the day; with volunteers in the evenings (6 pm - 6 am), to full time 24 hours a day. Chief Reid estimates that this could result in about 65 extra Orangeville Fire Department calls per year; co-responding with an ambulance, to medical calls in Mono.

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Dufferin County Proposes Change to Tax Ratio for Farms

Dufferin County circulated a report outlining a proposal to reduce the tax ratio for farm and forest properties from the current 0.25 to 0.23, meaning that farms would be taxed at 23% of what a residential property of the same assessed value would pay. The report states, "Dufferin County has a very high proportion of Residential property, and low proportions of Commercial and Industrial property. As a result of this, and also because the Residential ratio of 1.0000 is the only Ratio that may not be changed, any taxes that are shifted from another property class, because of a tax ratio change, will be mostly shifted to the Residential class of property." The report details the affect this would have on each municipality in Dufferin County and estimates that 92.3% of the approx. $12,000 reduction of the Mono portion of farm property taxes would be shifted to residential. This matter was deferred to the next Council.

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2019 Budget

Department Heads presented their respective proposed department capital budgets. Staff will present their full business plans at the October 9th council meeting.  Both will be used by Council when they start their budget deliberations following the municipal election.

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The next Council Meeting is scheduled for October 9th, 2018 at 7 p.m.

Agendas and minutes for all council and committee meetings can be found on the Town's
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