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Council Highlights
October 30, 2018

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  1. Island Lake/Fieldstone Subdivision Traffic Calming Measures
  2. Web Site & Social Media Annual Report
  1. 2.2% Annual Rate of Inflation
  2. Municipal Election

Island Lake/Fieldstone Subdivision Traffic Calming Measures

Council passed a series of bylaws to implement previously approved traffic calming measuring in the Island Lake & Fieldstone subdivisions. The speed limit in the Island Lake and Fieldstone (phase II) subdivisions, including 1st Line within the subdivisions, was set at 40 km/h. The limit in Fieldstone (phase I) was already at 40 km/h. This brings the speed limit in these subdivisions into conformity with the majority of residential streets in Mono.

"No Truck" signs went up on 1st Line and along the residential portion of French Drive earlier this year. This is now backed with a Town bylaw that includes a $300 fine for anyone operating "any commercial vehicle having a Manufacturer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating greater than 4,600 kilograms, including a truck and trailer combination". Emergency vehicles, County & Town of Mono, garbage collection and public utility vehicles are exempt as are trucks making home deliveries. The bylaw also makes allowance for heavy trucks leaving from or returning to the heavy truck owner’s and/or operator’s principal residence.

In addition to "No Trucks", these two roads have been designated as Community Safety Zones with effect 24 hours a day/7days a week. Speeding fines within the Community Safety Zones are doubled.

Web Site & Social Media Annual Report

Digital Content Specialist Andrew Dahmer provided an analysis of the traffic on the Town's web site and social media channels. He noted that the web site saw a slight decrease in page views in 2017 though appears to be rebounding this year.

Graph showing website statistics: During Jan-Dec. 2017, the Town's website had 48485 sessions, 31557 users, and 115157 page views. In the previous year, the Town's website had 49457 sessions, 32598 users, and 115995 page views. Sessions in 2017 were down 2%; Users were down 3%; and Pageviews were down 0.69%

Graph showing website statistics from Jan-Oct. 24, 2018. The graph shows the Town website received 54584 sessions, 30372 users, and 128766 page views during this time period. This represents a 12.6% increase in sessions; a 3.8% increase in users; and an 11.8% increase in pageviews when compared to 2017.


The Town's Facebook and Twitter accounts have seen steady growth since going live in June 2017.

Residents can look forward to a new Town of Mono web site scheduled to launch in December. The new web site is compatible with mobile phones including iPhones and Android devices, a recognition that over 40% of visitors to the current web site do so with mobile devices



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2.2% Annual Rate of Inflation

Treasurer Les Halucha provided a report that showed the annual rate of inflation over the past year to be 2.2%. He calculated this by averaging the monthly increase of the Consumer Price Index for the last 12 months. Council directed Mr. Halucha to incorporate this inflationary rate into the draft budget that staff will prepare for council in December.

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Municipal Election

Illustrated graphic of a ballot going into a voting boxDeputy Clerk Fred Simpson reported that 2,344 of the 7,157 eligible electors voted during the municipal election for a voter turnout of 32.8%, up from 25.6% during the 2014 election. The town employed internet and telephone voting during this election, a first for Mono. Feedback from residents was generally positive though Mr. Simpson noted that some residents expressed reservations regarding electronic voting. A full report on the election process, including results from a survey that voters had an opportunity to complete once they voted, will be brought to Council in the coming weeks.

The final meeting of the current council will be November 27th at 9 a.m. with the new council being sworn in on Tuesday December 4th at 9 a.m. The inauguration will be the only order of business during this meeting. Regular business will commence the following meeting, December 11th at 9 a.m.  

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The next Council Meeting is scheduled for November 27th, 2018 at 9 a.m.

Agendas and minutes for all council and committee meetings can be found on the Town's
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Thursday, November 8th
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