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January 24, 2017

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In this issue

  1. Mono Proclaims January Alzheimer's Awareness Month
  2. March Town Hall Meeting
  3. Method of Casting Ballot in the 2018 Municipal Election
  4. Fire Risk Assessment
  1. Council Approves Natural Heritage Strategy Terms of Reference
  2. Credit Valley Conservation Report
  3. Agreement with OSPCA Renewed

Mono Proclaims January Alzheimer's Awareness Mont

Council proclaimed January as National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in Mono in support of The Alzheimer Society of Dufferin County.

Alzheimer Society of Dufferin County logo

It is estimated that there are 220,000 persons living with dementia in Ontario. Four out of five Canadians know someone with dementia...a neighbour, friend, co-worker or family member. In Canada, 25,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Early diagnosis of dementia helps people live better with dementia and allows them to make important decisions about their future needs. Alzheimer Society of Dufferin County provides programs, education and support for over 400 individuals and families living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias in Dufferin County.

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March Town Hall Meeting

Council set the date of the next Town Hall Meeting as Saturday March 25th, 2017. The meeting will be held in the morning at Mono Community Centre. The preliminary agenda includes a presentation & discussion on water quality, and radon testing. There will also be an open forum. Residents are encouraged to submit questions for Council using the online form found on the Town’s website. Further details will be posted on the website as they become available.

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Method of Casting Ballot in the 2018 Municipal Election

Council received a report from CAO Mark Early that recommends Council consider telephone and internet electronic voting during the 2018 Municipal election. In his report, Mr. Early outlined the advantages of utilizing electronic voting which include greater accessibility, improved accuracy, immediate results after polls close, and reduced cost. He points to the success Mulmur Township had in the 2014 election using electronic voting and confirmed the surrounding communities of Shelburne, Melancthon and Mulmur will utilize the same format in 2018.

Council passed a resolution authorizing the use of phone and internet voting as an alternative voting method for the 2018 municipal election and directed staff to prepare the necessary bylaw.

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Fire Risk Assessment

Council reviewed a Simplified Fire Risk Assessment report. The report was prepared by Town staff, in cooperation with area fire chiefs and their staff, over the preceding six months. It sets out general community information, provides a detailed listing of all properties which would be subject to periodic inspections, fire call data, and sets priorities for ongoing fire inspections.

Council approved the Simplified Fire Risk Assessment and directed that staff continue to work with the local Fire Prevention Officers to enhance fire prevention and public education activities in the Town of Mono.

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Council Approves Natural Heritage Strategy Terms of Reference

Council approved the terms of reference of a Natural Heritage Strategy for the Town. The Natural Heritage Steering Committee will be responsible to bring to Council recommendations for incorporating a Natural Heritage Strategy into the Town's Official Plan.

The committee's next step will be to prepare a report summarizing the scope of natural heritage features and areas, as well as the threats and opportunities that landowners and other stewards of these face.

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Credit Valley Conservation Report

CVC logo Deborah Martin-Downs, Chief Administrative Officer of Credit Valley Conservation (CVC), presented CVC's 2017 budget to Council and highlighted CVC's accomplishments over the past year. Ms. Martin-Downs noted that the total Municipal Levy, monies contributed to the CVC by all municipalities falling within the CVC's catchment area, increased by 4.34% over 2016. Mono's apportionment of the levy, however, has gone up by over 10% due to increased Value Assessment (property values in Mono as determined by MPAC).

Council expressed concern that, according to CVC's forecasts, Mono's share of the levy is estimated to increase by a further 19% by 2020; an amount Council considers unsustainable.

Council Resolution:

Whereas the Conservation Authorities Act give Conservation Authorities the power to apportion costs to municipalities and to determine an appropriate annual budget; and

Whereas the Town of Mono has received the CVC 2017 budget; and

Whereas based on a general levy increase of 4.7%, Mono’s share of the proposed increase amounts to a 10.7% increase over 2016, and our share of the special Levy amounts to a 9.17% increase; and

Whereas the Town recognizes that a portion of our increase is due to a change in the Town’s Current Value Assessment; and

Whereas the 2018, 2019 and 2020 forecast is for a Total Levy increase of 4.1, 9.3, and 5.3% (18.7% over three years); and

Whereas in recent years the Town of Mono has limited tax increases to the Consumer Price Index;

Now therefore be it resolved that the Town is advising that CVC’s budget increases are out of step with the Town’s annual budget increases. Continued increases as forecast are not compatible with municipal taxation.

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Agreement with OSPCA Renewed

OSPCA logo

The Town renewed its agreement with the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA). The agreement appointed the OSPCA as Poundkeeper and Animal Control Officer for the Town, setting out the duties to be performed.

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The next Council Meeting is scheduled for February 14th, 2017 at 7 p.m.

Agendas and minutes for all council and committee meetings can be found on the Town's
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