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April 11, 2017

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In this issue

  1. Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance
  2. Shelburne & District Fire Department Budget
  3. Greenwood Aggregates
  4. Objection Filed Regarding Plan to Designate Heritage Property
  1. Mono's Going Social
  2. Rental Subsidy Request
  3. Shelburne Public Library Service Agreement

Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance

Food Charter

Shirley Boxem, Marci Lipman and Lisa Needham, of Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance (HFFA), gave a presentation on the Headwaters Food Charter & Action Plan. HFFA conducted a survey last fall which showed wide public support for a Food Charter in the Headwaters region.

Ms. Needham emphasized that the Food Charter would help guide planning, policy and program development and encourage a healthy food system in Dufferin, Caledon and Erin. Council passed a resolution endorsing the Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance “Headwaters Food Charter”.

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Shelburne & District Fire Department Budget

Council approved the Shelburne fire budget last session. At this meeting Treasurer Les Halucha detailed Mono's share of the budget which works out to 10.31% or $48,153 of the operating budget and $10,824 of the capital budget. These both come in slightly higher than Council had anticipated in its 2017 budget. The Town had budgeted $44,800 and $10,000 respectively.

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Greenwood Aggregates

In response to Greenwood Aggregates proposed revised haul route for the Violet Hill Gravel Pit (see March 28, 2017 Council Highlights) Director of Planning David Trotman recommended that the Town request from Greenwood an updated Traffic Impact Study (TIS), taking into account Greenwood's revised haul route. Mr. Trotman further recommended that, due to NEC's concerns regarding potential adverse effects on provincially significant wetlands in the area, Greenwood undertake an Environmental Impact Study. The Town is also asking that several other reports be updated to incorporate the revised haul route.

Mr. Greenwood addressed Council, stating that the TIS submitted with his original application should be sufficient as the number of vehicles that would be entering & leaving the pit has not changed. All that may change is the route taken to access the pit.

Council elected to accept Mr. Trotman's recommendation and instructed him to send correspondence to Mr. Greenwood requesting the updated reports before the Town would deem the application complete.

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Objection Filed Regarding Plan to Designate Heritage Property

At its February 14th, 2017 Session, Council accepted the recommendation by the Heritage Advisory Committee to designate Maplehurst House, 487424 30 Sideroad, Mono, a Heritage Property. The owner, Sam Greenwood, filed an objection which the Town has, in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act, forwarded to the Conservation Review Board.

The Conservation Review Board is an adjudicative tribunal that hears disputes on matters relating to the protection of properties considered to hold cultural heritage value or interest to a municipality or to the Minister of Culture, as defined by the Ontario Heritage Act. The Board, as an independent and quasi-judicial body, mediates and conducts a formal hearing process around issues such as objections to heritage designation. The Board, through the prehearing process and mediation, attempts to settle the dispute where appropriate. Where a case does not settle and proceeds to hearing, after the hearing the Board will provided a recommendation on the matter to either the municipal council or the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport who have the final decision.

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Mono's Going Social

Website & Social Media Integration

Web Specialist Fred Simpson submitted a report detailing the use of Social Media by Municipal Governments. In the report, Mr. Simpson notes that 72% of Ontario municipalities use Social Media though that number drops to 59% for communities with 10,000 people or less. The report outlines the benefits and risks of using social media and suggests risk mitigation measures. It also included a draft Social Media Policy for Mono and copies of the policies used by several other communities including Dufferin County and Orangeville.

Council asked that sections of the draft policy be re-worked in order to provide further clarity regarding the personal use of social media including the guidelines provided to Council on the use of their personal social media accounts. A revised policy is to be brought back to Council in two weeks.

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Rental Subsidy Request

Council denied a request by Dufferin Board of Trade to waive the rental cost for their upcoming Think Local Food Showcase being held at Monora Pavillion on May 17th. It was noted that the Town already provides substantial financial support to the Board of Trade in the form of rental subsidy for their offices located in Mono.

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Shelburne Public Library Service Agreement

The Town executed the 2017 Service Agreement with the Shelburne Public Library which allows Mono residents to become members of the Shelburne library at no cost to themselves. The Town will pay the Shelburne Library $22,176 for this service. The funding formula is based on a 3-year average of active cardholders in Mono.

Treasurer Les Halucha noted that the 2017 fees are less than budgeted which will offset the increase in Shelburne & District Fire Board as noted earlier in this report.

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The next Council Meeting is scheduled for April 25th, 2017 at 9 a.m.

Agendas and minutes for all council and committee meetings can be found on the Town's
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