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June 13, 2017

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In this issue

  1. Mono Senior of the Year Award
  2. Below Water Table Extraction at Craig Pit
  3. Cowboy Mounted Shooting Range
  4. Changes to Fire Services Fees
  5. Mono Hiking Challenge Official Contest Rules
  1. Proposed Bike Park at Mono Centre Park
  2. Outdoor Liquor Licence Application
  3. TD Canada Trust Tree Planting Grant
  4. Outcome of the Greenwood Aggregates OMB Hearing

Mono Senior of the Year Award

Derek Spencer received the 2017 Mono Senior of the Year Award.

In Ontario, June is recognized as Senior’s month and in honour of this month, the Town of Mono chose to recognize an individual who has made our community a better place to live, Mr. Derek Spencer!

Starting in 2009, the Town of Mono, the Town of Orangeville, Credit Valley Conservation and the Friends of Island Lake were engaged in building a ten km accessible trail around the perimeter of Island Lake, known as the Island Lake Community Trail System. From the initial construction phase to the completion of the trail in 2015, to the present day, Mr. Spencer has been an exemplary volunteer and ambassador for this trail system.

During the construction of the trail, Mr. Spencer volunteered on a daily basis with doing whatever he could to help out. Tasks ranging from painting the foundation timber end cuts, cutting boards for the bridges and boardwalks, screwing in boards on the boardwalks and railings and even picking up garbage left by the construction crew were all tasks that Mr. Spencer took on with pride and enthusiasm.

As each section of the trail was completed Mr. Spencer, along with his companion Baxter (a very special sheltie), could be seen hiking the trail on a daily basis, keeping his eye out for any type of liability that may have occurred, such as fallen branches, loose boards, etc. and reporting the hazard to staff. And if the liability was something Mr. Spencer could handle himself, he very often did. It is not uncommon to see Mr. Spencer hiking the trail with a pair of clippers in his hands, or filling in a hole that is a tripping hazard.

Derek Spencer - Senior of the Year

If Mr. Spencer is not hiking or inspecting the trail, then he is volunteering at one of the trails special events, such as Seniors Day on the Trail and the Maple Syrup Festival held at Island Lake. Since January 1, 2015 Mr. Spencer and Baxter have not missed one day hiking the trail. Hikers on the trail are always greeted with his smile; friendly wave and tail wag from Baxter.

Mr. Spencer is an enthusiastic, tireless, compassionate, humble volunteer. He is an inspiring citizen of our community and one we are proud to present with Mono’s Senior of the Year Award for 2017.

Derek and Baxter were both on hand to receive the award from Mayor Ryan.

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Below Water Table Extraction at Craig Pit

As reported in the April 25, 2017 Council Highlights, CMB Aggregates has submitted an application under the Aggregates Resources Act to permit extraction below the water table. This week Council received a report from Town Hydrogeologist, Dwight Smikle. Mr. Smikle’s report concludes that he remains of the opinion that “the completion of the water study for the Craig Pit area is the appropriate method to evaluate the proposal along with its impacts. This study should evaluate both surface and groundwater input and output, evaluate the cumulative impacts of extraction and develop appropriate mitigation and monitoring plans that recognize the sensitivity of the environment and the local importance of the lake.”

Council also received a letter of objection from Dr. Joseph Zeisler.

Council directed that a letter be sent to the Ministry of Natural Resources reiterating the Town's objection to the application and that it also be circulated to Dufferin County, MP David Tislon, MPP Sylvia Jones and local municipalities.

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Cowboy Mounted Shooting Range

Ms. Brittany Needham requested via correspondence that the Town comment on proposed equestrian related indoor shooting range events that she will be holding at her property at 674489 Hurontario Street (Lillie Farm) this summer. Director of Planning David Trotman explained that these equestrian events were not commercial in nature and that similar events have been held by other property owners in Ontario.

Mr. Trotman reported that this does not contravene any Town bylaws though would be subject to the Noise bylaw.

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Changes to Fire Services Fees

Treasurer Les Halucha presented 2017 updated Fire Service Fees to reflect the actual costs charged to the Town by the Orangeville Fire Department for their services. The per occurrence fee was increased from $2,824 to $3,248; and the hourly rate for fire prevention increased from $79 to $91. Mr. Halucha also recommended that the fee for false alarms be increased to $2,875 from $2,500 which would be the same percentage increase as the Orangeville Fire per occurrence rate.

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Mono Hiking Challenge Official Contest Rules

Council approved the official rules for the Mono Hiking Challenge. Of note are those that are not eligible to enter the contest:

Elected officials, directors, officers, employees, suppliers, agents, sponsors, contractors, administrators, licensees, or other representatives of the Corporation of the Town of Mono (the “Town of Mono”), or of its advertising or promotional agencies, or any member of their immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings and children) or household members of each ineligible person are ineligible to enter the Contest.

It was pointed out that this includes members of Town Committees.

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Proposed Bike Park at Mono Centre Park

Boy on a bike

The Recreation Advisory Committee requested that Development Charge Parks Reserve funds be used to commission a feasibility and design study for a bike park in Mono Centre Park. Council deferred consideration of the request and asked staff to provide additional information to undertake a comprehensive recreation needs review to determine the Town's medium and long range goals when it comes to recreation facilities, including a review of the opportunities for use of parkland dedication and development charges reserves.

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Outdoor Liquor Licence Application

As reported by Director of Recreation Kim Perryman, the Town received notice that a liquor licence permit had been granted by the LCBO to serve alcohol at a private function at Monora Park. This permit would allow alcohol to be served in a fenced area of the park.

It was pointed out that the LCBO application process for a private event does not require the applicant to gain municipal approval prior to the LCBO issuing a permit. Council expressed concern over this and directed staff to investigate options for the Town to be able to better control liquor permits for private outdoor events on municipal property.

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TD Canada Trust Tree Planting Grant

Council was made aware of a TD Canada Trust tree planting grant that, if received, would facilitate the planting of up to 400 trees in town. Council members will pursue the grant application.

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Outcome of the Greenwood Aggregates OMB Hearing

CAO Mark Early reported the outcome of the OMB hearing into the proposed Violet Hill Gravel Pit. Greenwood Aggregates requested the hearing to challenge the Town's position that the application for Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw Amendments was incomplete. In part, the hearing determined the following:

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The next Council Meeting is scheduled for June 27th, 2017 at 9 a.m.

Agendas and minutes for all council and committee meetings can be found on the Town's
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