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August 22, 2017

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In this issue

  1. Mono Hiking Challenge Draw #3
  2. Town Appoints a Deputy Clerk
  3. Mono to provide water truck & staff for Orangeville Fall Fair
  4. Council confirms Rental Subsidies for Community Groups
  1. Town to move forward on Greenwood Aggregates Application
  2. Island Lake Drinking Water System Inspection Report
  3. Council expresses concern regarding OPG Develop a Deep Geologic Repository

Mono Hiking Challenge Draw #3

The third Mono Hiking Challenge draw was made with three winners this time around.

Rebecca Cowell's Mono Hiking Challenge selfie

Rebecca Cowell won a $100 gift certificate from Black Birch Restaurant on Hockley Road, Carola Little won 18 holes of golf for two at Dufferin Glen Golf Course and Zach Gammage won a copy of Nicola Ross' book Loops & Lattes. Congratulations to the winners. All prizes can be picked up at the Town of Mono Municipal Office during regular business hours.

As of August 22nd, 795 hikes have been completed totaling over 3,690 km hiked by Mono Hiking Challenge participants. That’s up from 376 hikes & 1750 km at the time of the last draw on July 25th. Head on over to to learn how you too can get in on the action. The 'challenge' runs until October 31st, 2017 with a grand prize of a week-long stay for two people at Canoe North Adventures Lodge in Norman Wells, Northwest Territories. You can also checkout the 'challenge' on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

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Fred Simpson

Town Appoints a Deputy Clerk

Fred Simpson was appointed Deputy Clerk for the Town of Mono. Mr. Simpson, who is currently the Web Content Specialist, has worked for the Town since 2013. His new responsibilities will include assisting the CAO/Clerk in all aspects of the Council secretariat as well as coordinating citizen engagement & corporate communications including website and social media. He assumes his new responsibilities immediately.

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OAS logo

Mono to provide water truck & staff for Orangeville Fall Fair

The Town will once again be donating a water truck and a public works employee at no cost to the Orangeville Agricultural Society for the fall fair on the Labour Day weekend. This year's theme for the fair is ‘Bushels of Fun’. For more info on the Orangeville Fall Fair visit

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Council confirms Rental Subsidies for Community Groups

Director of Recreation Kim Perryman provided a report that detailed the community groups that have requested the cost of renting Town facilities be either waived or reduced for their respective events. Ms. Perryman noted that the Town has supported each of these groups in the past and recommended that the Town do so again this year.

Combined, the subsidies totaled $12,955 and included Mono Nordic Ski Club, Headwaters Communities in Action and Camilla Women’s Institute.

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Town to move forward on Greenwood Aggregates Application

Director of Planning David Trotman recommended that the Town deem Greenwood’s Zoning & Bylaw applications pertaining to the Violet Hill Gravel Pit as ‘complete', paving the way forward for the Town to begin the process to assess the viability of the applications. That assessment will include one or more public meetings to allow residents to provide their input.

The Town had previously refused to deem the applications as complete, in part, until Greenwood provided a single proposed route for trucks accessing the pit, which they have now done. Mr. Trotman did point out that the Town is waiting on several reports from Greenwood but stated that should not keep the Town from commencing the review process as long as they are received in the near future.

Further information about the proposed Violet Hill Gravel Pit can be found on the Town's website.

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Island Lake Drinking Water System Inspection Report

Council received the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change's report following their inspection of the Island Lake Drinking Water System in June. The report noted that no deficiencies were identified and provided a final inspection rating of 100%.

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Council expresses concern regarding OPG's Deep Geologic Repository

OPG logo

Council directed staff to prepare a letter to the Municipalities of Kincardine and Clarington stating that Mono does not support or endorse Ontario Power Generation's proposal to construct a long term storage facility near the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station to store low and intermediate level nuclear waste underground.

Currently each of the province's nuclear stations stores this waste at each site. Ontario Power Generation proposes to transport the waste from across the province, storing it under ground near Kincardine on the shores of Lake Huron. The idea of transporting nuclear waste on area highways has raised Council's concern.

In June, Kincardine (home of Bruce Nuclear Generating Station) and Clarington (home of Darlington Nuclear Generating Station), sent a joint letter to all municipalities in Ontario stating that the two municipalities support the Deep Geologic Repository. Mono Council's letter is in response to that correspondence.

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The next Council Meeting is scheduled for September 12th, 2017 at 7 p.m.

Agendas and minutes for all council and committee meetings can be found on the Town's
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