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September 12, 2017

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In this issue

  1. Fourth Mono Hiking Challenge Draw
  2. Public Question Period
  3. Internet & Telephone Voting
  4. Violet Hill Spillway
  1. Update on Purple Hill Park
  2. NVCA Application for National Disaster Mitigation Program Funding
  3. Beavers Wreaking Havoc

Fourth Mono Hiking Challenge Draw

Neo's trek to Norman Wells, NT

As has been the case this summer, Council started by drawing the winners of the Mono Hiking Challenge ongoing draws. Before making the draw, Director of Recreation Kim Perryman provided a few statistics on the challenge.

To date, 1057 hikes have been completed for a total of 4,956 km hiked. If you have been following the progress of our hiking alter ego; Neo, that is enough to place him in Regina Saskatchewan. Kim pointed out that if Neo had flown to his destination of Norman Wells, NT, he'd already be there as it's only 3,700 km by air verses the 8,780 km to walk by way of the Trans Canada Trail.

As for the winners of the draw, Rene Lalonde won a $100 gift certificate from Mrs. Mitchell's Restaurant; Dave Stevenson and Tammy Child each won a pair of passes for 18 holes at Dufferin Glen Golf Course; and Christina McEwen won a free golf lesson with golf pro Patti Anne Fitzpatrick. The winners can pick up their prizes at the municipal office.

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Public Question Period

Resident Ed Kroeker expressed concern about Council supporting the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority's proposal to develop an integrated watershed management plan without first having some idea of what the plan would consist of. Of particular concern was the overall cost to develop the plan which the NVCA estimated at $210,000.

It was pointed out that the proposal was contingent upon the NVCA receiving a grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for 80% of the total cost ($168,000) to which Mr. Kroeker replied that regardless of where the funds come from, ultimately it was the taxpayer that bears the cost. Mr. Kroeker advised that he felt Council should defer its support until more was known about the nature of the plan.

Councillor Nix, who is the Town's representative on the NVCA's board, pointed out that NVCA currently has several management plans and that this proposal would bring them together under a unified watershed management plan. It would also provide guidance on issues such as climate change which are not addressed under the current management plans.

Council voted to pass a resolution to support the development of an integrated watershed management plan subject to funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities; to sit on a committee comprised of municipal and other watershed stakeholders; and to provide in-kind support to be determined.

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Internet & Telephone Voting

Council approved a contract with Intelivote Systems Inc. to provide Internet and telephone voting during the 2018 municipal election. As was reported in the February 28th issue of Council Highlights, Council authorized Internet & telephone voting over traditional paper ballots for next year's municipal and school board elections.

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Violet Hill Spillway

Council considered a report by resident John Farrugia detailing his proposal that the Violet Hill Spillway be designated under the provisions of the Ontario Heritage Act. There was some question whether the Heritage Act requires that there be "cultural heritage value or interest" in order to designate a property whereas Mr. Farrugia, who was in attendance, argued that is not the case.

There was also some discussion whether the Town should suggest that the Niagara Escarpment Commission revisit the matter under the provincial Four Plans Update. It should be noted that the NEC was previously approached and declined to include the spillway in its official comments to the province on the Four Plans Update.

Council directed staff to further investigate the validity of designating the spillway under the heritage act and to revisit the matter with the NEC and suggest other options.

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Update on Purple Hill Park

Director of Recreation Kim Perryman provided an update on Purple Hill Park. The park on Ashwood Drive in the Purple Hill subdivision was the subject of vandalism on July 29th when numerous smashed beer and liquor bottles were discovered. Since then more than 50 man hours and $2,000 have been expended to remove over 60 litres of glass shards from the sand in and around the playground equipment.

2 20 litre pails of glass

The park, which was closed on the 29th, re-opened on September 7th following an inspection by an independent consultant. As reported by the inspector, "it is very difficult to guarantee that all glass fragments have been collected." Users of the park are cautioned to wear closed toe footwear.

The OPP have been notified and will be keeping a close eye on the playground. Should anyone notice any suspicious activity in the playground, please call the OPP at 1.888.310.1122. This number is available 24/7.

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NVCA Application for National Disaster Mitigation Program Funding

Council gave its support to the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority in their bid for funding from the federal government under the National Disaster Mitigation Program to complete a flood risk assessment. The assessment would update areas susceptible to flooding in the south end of the NVCA watershed, including Mono, and ascertain the impacts of climate change and assess flood risk mapping and mitigation needs.

As areas in Mono suffered from flooding on June 23rd when over 110 mm of rain fell in under 6 hours, Council thought it prudent to support the NVCA's efforts to prepare for future severe weather phenomenon. New Tecumseth and Adjala-Tosorontio are also supporting the move as they too experienced flooding this summer. Mono's share of the cost of the risk assessment is estimated at $6,000 - $8,000 which will come from the Town's Emergency Response reserve.

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Beavers Wreaking Havoc


Director of Public Works Michael Dunmore reported that his crews have been having a tough time keeping up with beavers that have been busy building damns. The damns have led to flooding of town roads and culverts. In more than one occasion crews have removed a beaver damn only to find it re-built the next day.

As it is a safety hazard, crews have been diligent in removing beaver damns that may cause traffic safety or infrastructure degradation concerns; however, they can only address those damns they can see from the road allowance. Mr. Dunmore is asking for residents' cooperation locating damns on their property that affect town infrastructure. If this applies to you, please contact the Public Works Department at or call 519.941.3599, 225.

Nuisance beaver complaints affecting private property should be directed to the County of Dufferin Nuisance Beaver Program.

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The next Council Meeting is scheduled for September 26th, 2017 at 9 a.m.

Agendas and minutes for all council and committee meetings can be found on the Town's
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