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October 24, 2017

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In this issue

  1. Fieldstone Residents Noise Complaint
  2. Dufferin Community Foundation Donation
  3. 2018 Salary Adjustments
  1. Departmental Business Plans
  2. City Works Asset Management

Fieldstone Residents Noise Complaint

Earlier this month Council received a letter from the Fieldstone Community Committee detailing concerns they had with noise from two of the neighbouring car dealerships. Preceding the letter, the Town received several complaints from individual area residents. Primarily at issue is the use of a public address (PA) system used by the car dealerships to page staff though concern over other noise, including a compressor, have been raised.

Mayor Ryan reviewed the actions taken to date. The Town's Bylaw Enforcement Officer has been to the car dealerships several times and has spoken with many of the residents that filed complaints. Both Mayor Ryan and CAO Mark Early have spoken with the owner of the businesses in an endeavour to find a solution.

The Mayor has committed to continue to work with the residents and the car dealerships towards finding a mutually acceptable resolution.

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Dufferin Community Foundation Donation

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On June 27 Mr. Gord Gallaugher gave a presentation to Council on the Dufferin Community Foundation. The goal of the foundation was to supplement community funding and seek other forms of philanthropy including trusts & estate bequests. It would facilitate an ‘arm’s length’ means of distributing grants to community charities and non-profit organizations.

Today Council expressed their support by joining the Dufferin Community Foundation's Founders' Circle with a donation of $2500. The funds came from the Town's existing 2017 donation budget.

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2018 Salary Adjustments

Council accepted a recommendation from the Treasurer that the 2018 budget include a Cost of Living Adjustment to the Town's Pay Equity Salary grid. As per Mr. Halucha's recommendation, Council approved a 1.7% increase to the salary grid.

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Departmental Business Plans


Senior staff presented their department business plans including Treasury, Recreation, Public Works & Planning. The individual plans are available below.

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City Works Asset Management

Mono will be applying for a grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to cover 80% of the cost of upgrading its Asset Management Software. If the grant application is successful, the Town will add a Work Order module to its Asset Management Software that will be used to generate, schedule and track progress and cost of work orders and customer service requests. It will assign the cost of those work orders to specific assets with the end result being better control of lifecycle costs of tangible assets.

It will further enhance Council's commitment to citizen engagement and provide Town staff the ability to maintain an active log of all customer service request (complaints, enquiries, & etc.) that are made to the Town.

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The next Council Meeting is scheduled for November 14th, 2017 at 7 p.m.

Agendas and minutes for all council and committee meetings can be found on the Town's
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