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Council Highlights
December 12, 2017

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In this issue

  1. Mono Nordic Ski Club
  2. Dufferin County Poverty Reduction Task Force
  3. Commercial Traffic on French Drive
  4. 2018 Tax Rate Bylaw Passed
  1. Town Reaches an Agreement Regarding Maplehurst House
  2. Dog Kennel License Application
  3. Mono is appointing an Integrity Commissioner

Mono Nordic Ski Club

Mono Nordic Ski Club logo

Todd Taylor, president of the Mono Nordic Ski Club, gave a presentation on the club. The non-profit and volunteer based club has over 600 members and is based out of Monora Park. As well as adult skiing, they offer programs for children with their local school and “Jack Rabbit” programs. The club also hosts the annual Family Ski Day each February and participates in the Town's Winterfest.

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Dufferin County Poverty Reduction Task Force

John Oosterhof and Shelley Doney gave a presentation on the status of poverty in Dufferin County. Mr. Oosterhof reported that Dufferin County spent $4.2 million on social assistance in 2016 which is anticipated will increase to $4.7 million in 2018, noting that research shows a direct correlation between poverty and negative effects on one’s physical and mental health status, including higher prevalence rates of chronic diseases, depression, substance abuse, and shorter life expectancy.

There is a need to remove the stigma around poverty and allow for access and equity. Reducing poverty is a complex challenge but it makes good economic sense noting the cost of incarceration or hospitalization is much greater than social assistance. He called for all levels of government to address unemployment, under-employment and the lower wages of youth and people with disabilities.

Cycle of Poverty

Ms. Doney spoke to the cycle of poverty noting that users of food banks often remark they cannot believe they are here and the stigma attached to using a food bank. She noted that food banks are a help but are simply not enough to address the need. A good education is a key to breaking the cycle of poverty but that requires that children do not show up at school hungry.

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Commercial Traffic on French Drive

In response to correspondence received from a resident regarding commercial traffic on French Drive, Director of Public Works Michael Dunmore reported that he sent letters to area businesses asking that they avoid using French Drive as an alternate route to access Hwy 9. He intends to send follow up letters to these businesses again asking that they avoid using the residential portion of French Drive to access Hwy 9 by using 2nd Line EHS in lieu of 1st Line EHS.

Regarding the parkette at the corner of French Drive and 1st Line EHS, Mr. Dunmore reported that the Town has not yet assumed the park from the developer and that it had been recently graded. He stated, though, that he will ensure that the grass is cut come spring. As for residents placing ornamental features on Town property, Mr. Dunmore stated that he will send letters to area residents and if that fails he will call on the Bylaw Enforcement Officer to ensure compliance.

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2018 Tax Rate Bylaw Passed

With the 2018 budget passed on November 28th, Council passed a bylaw setting the tax rates for 2018.

Select 2018 Tax Rates
Property Class2018 (%)2017 (%)
Residential 0.374043 0.384768
Farmlands 0.093511 0.096192
Managed Forests 0.093511 0.096192
Commercial 0.456332 0.469417
Industrial 0.822296 0.845874

Property taxes are calculated by as:

Assessed Value X tax rate / 100

For example, a residential property assessed at $500,000 would pay $1870.22 in Town of Mono property taxes. Note that the municipal portion of a tax bill represents approximately 40% of the total taxes due; County and School Boards accounting for the balance.

The Town's online tax calculator will be updated once the County and School Board tax rates are set.

Tax due dates have be set as:

2018 Installment Dates
Interim bill February 21, 2018 May 16, 2018
Final bill August 15, 2018 October 17, 2018

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Town Reaches an Agreement Regarding Maplehurst House

The Town and Sam Greenwood came to an agreement regarding salvage and commemoration of the Maplehurst House, located on the 30 Sideroad between 3rd & 4th Lines EHS. As reported earlier this year, Mr. Greenwood filed an objection with the Conservation Review Board to the Town's intention to designate the building a heritage property. The agreement stipulates that Greenwood will salvage the date stone and much of the available Milton bricks that is located on the house and provide the Date Stone to the Dufferin County Museum. He will also contribute $1,500 to the Dufferin County Museum to be used for the commission of paintings or other artwork to commemorate the property.

Interior view of Maplehurst House

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Dog Kennel License Application

The Town reached a settlement with the owners of property on Mono Adjala Townline regarding an application to establish a dog kennel on the property. As reported in the July 25, 2017 Council Highlights, Council denied the application to which the applicants, Delia Teixeira & Jason Phillips, filed an appeal to the OMB. Prior to the hearing the Town reached a settlement agreement with the owners where a number of alterations to the original plan will be made which addresses concerns the Town and residents had regarding noise. Full details of the settlement agreement are available at the link below.

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Mono is appointing an Integrity Commissioner

Provincial legislation requires municipalities to appoint an Integrity Commissioner by January 2019. Following a review of available options, Council has elected to enter into a shared agreement with Dufferin County to appoint Guy Giorno as the Town's Integrity Commissioner.

The Integrity Commissioner is responsible for investigating complaints against members of Council for failure to adhere to the Council Code of Conduct.

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The next Council Meeting is scheduled for January 9th, 2018 at 7 p.m.

Agendas and minutes for all council and committee meetings can be found on the Town's
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